Abandoned Puppy Finds A Police Officer And Both Their Lives Change

When this police officer started his shift for the day, he had no idea he’d get off work with a new best friend by his side.

Los Angeles Police Officer Mercado was on patrol one day in one of the most popular cities in the United States. It was just a usual day on the streets of LA and Officer Mercado wasn’t expecting his life to change forever.

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As he left LAPD headquarters, Officer Mercado met up with his partner and they went on patrol. It was a slow day but both officers knew that could change in an instant. As police officers, they had come to learn to expect the unexpected.

Officer Mercado was walking through a neighborhood and something unexpected soon caught his eye. A few inches from him, a tiny brown puppy was following at his feet. Officer Mercado looked around and didn’t see the puppy’s owner anywhere.

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The puppy tried to play with Officer Mercado and began to follow him. The officers knew they couldn’t leave the puppy there, so they took the pup with them and were soon calling him Hobart, after the street he was found on.

They looked for the puppy’s owner and learned the puppy had been dumped. Sadly, Hobart was one of many dogs abandoned in the City of Los Angeles and around the world. Wanting the best for Hobart, the officers took him to a rescue and dropped him off.

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The rescue was smitten with the adorable Hobart and was soon making social media posts about the adorable little guy. But there was a problem. Officer Mercado was already attached to Hobart and was missing the puppy.

It broke his heart that the puppy had been dumped and wanted to adopt him as his own. So, he went back to the rescue and filled out the paperwork to adopt Hobart so that he could bring him home.

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He took his new best friend and introduced him to the other officers. By then, Hobart’s story went viral, and he had a lot of fans on the force and social media. From an abandoned street dog to a treasured part of the Los Angeles Police Department family, Hobart is the luckiest puppy around. The perfect person found him and now the two will be best friends for life.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet rescue story. Officer Mercado had no idea that he would be meeting his future dog when he went to work that day but that’s exactly what happened. What a great ending for both. Please feel free to share this sweet story with your friends.

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