Malnourished Mama Dog Begs For Help While She Still Feeds Her Six Puppies

This story speaks about Hope, a pregnant dog, who was abandoned just before giving birth. Unfortunately, the had given birth to 6 puppies but she was suffering all the time during the labor.

Fortunately, one animal rights activist went to the scene hearing about the dog and her pups and she was completely shocked after seeing the mama dog breastfeeding all the pups at the same time!

The rescuer said that her heart was completely broken after seeing a female emaciated dog whose size wasn’t even half of her breed feeding all the dogs together!

So, she directly picked all the pups and their mama up to help them, but she didn’t realize that there were also 4 other pups who were not able to make it which means that the mama dog gave birth to ten pups.

The rescuer also said that the mama dog begged her to help the puppies and she did everything she could to keep her pups alive. So, the rescuer decided to help all the dogs along with their mama to find forever homes.

Thankfully, all the dogs were adopted by families and they are now having a better life. Unfortunately, one of the dogs, Max, died as he was very weak. For the mama, Lola, is still progressing and she will be available for adoption once she is completely healed. Watch the video below.

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