Puppy Fοund Crying In The Woodland, Caught In A Trap And Not Being Able To Escape

This story speaks about a poor pup who was found tied to a tree using a rope! It seemed that one of the pup’s feet was broken.

The dog was doing its best, but it couldn’t get out of the trap! The pup’s paws are swollen and he was in complete pain.

Thankfully, the pup was found by a farmer, who directly contacted The Stray Paws to come for help. The rescuers directly rushed the dog to the veterinary clinic to be medicated.

There was a deep wound in the foot bone, which left the puppy unable to stand! The poor pup was very sick and rejected water and food completely as his temperature was very high.

He was in a very bad condition as there were many cracks in his tongue, his nose was bleeding so much, and he didn’t let the doctor touch him as he was in severe pain.

The doctors assured the puppy that they would do whatever it took to get his health back.

Thankfully, the dog, who was named Tigrula, started getting better and better every day. He is so happy with his rescuers. Once his health is completely stabilized, they will look for a forever home for him.

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