Three Dogs Rescued From Dumpster, Reunited After One Year And Create An Emotional Scene

Seeing abandoned dogs is one of the most heartbroken things anyone can see. So, when Bruno, Trixi, and Cooper were seen living in a dumpsite, rescuers decided to help them to give them another chance in life. The 3 dogs used to comfort each other and to stay warm by snuggling up.

After they were rescued, they were all frosted in different homes to have separate lives. However, all the dogs were in bad situations as each one of them a leg amputated while being in foster homes.

One year later, Ruff Start Rescue and 2 other rescue organizations set up a meeting to reunite all the 3 dogs together.

It was an emotional reunion between all the dogs. The best thing was that all the dogs were adopted by forever families to live a normal life that any dog can be. What a happy ending!

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