Watch: Robot Dog Deployed To Help With Rescue Operation After Parking Garage Collapses In US

A parking garage in Manhattan collapsed on April 18, killing one person and injuring five others. NYPD deployed robotic police dogs and drones for rescue operations.

FDNY’s gadget hounds were in action at the scene of the deadly parking collapse in Lower Manhattan, reported ABC 7 News.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams told the media outlet, “Thank God we had the robotic dog that was able to go in the building. This is ideally what we talk about, not seeing a human being inside a building as unstable.”

The authorities used a Dalmatian robot dog to survey the area. They also deployed drones to get an aerial view of the building.

A video was shared by the New York City Fire Department on Twitter. The clip shows a Dalmatian robot dog moving outside a building along with firefighters.

Watch the video here:

“Our robotics unit happened to be nearby. They were on the scene very quickly,” FDNY Chief of Operations John Esposito told ABC 7. “They were able to give us a video inside and then we’re able to fly drones inside to conduct an assessment and conduct searches.”

According to officials, the robots were crucial in keeping first responders safe.

The officials said that this was the first time they were able to fly inside in a collapse without risking the lives of firefighters.

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