Abandoned Blind Cat Rescued And Gets A New Mom, As Saying

A TikTok user called Panchito made the account to raise awareness of many important things like adopting pets, the cruelty of abandonment and humans.

The owner of the user said that pet owners should never think about abandoning their pets no matter what the situation is. If you can’t take care of your pet, take it to a shelter.

One story Panchito shared was a cat he found on the streets. Unfortunately, the cat had an extreme situation in his eyes, which caused it to lose his sight and became completely blind!

Panchito shared a video on TikTok expressing that she will take care of the cat from the depths of her heart. The video directly went viral gaining more than 16k comments, 1,300k likes, and 8 million views. Many people commented on the video to show how glad they are to see Panchito doing that.

You can also see many other videos in the account that speaks about the importance of rescuing animals and taking care of them instead of abandoning them. Watch the video below.

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