Army Dog Comes Running Into His Soldier’s Arms Who Hasn’t Seen Him Since 3 Years

This story speaks about Ikar, a Czech Shepherd, who was deployed with Vance McFarland, U.S. Army Specialist, in Afghanistan. The dog’s job was to help Vance in detecting explosive device.

Sadly, when their deployment ended, Vance had to say goodbye to Ikar, who was sent back into the training program, but, unfortunately, it ended up with him to stay in a shelter for more than 16 months as he was not needed at the time.

The president of Mission K9 Rescue, Kristen Maurer, heard about what happened with Ikar, and decided to help him as he deserved much better treatment as he is a war hero. So, she decided to find his original handler, who is McFarland.

So, they prepared a reunion between them and it was so heart-warming as Ikar did not stop waggling his tail.  Watch the video below to see that heart-warming reunion and tell us your opinion.

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