Disgusting Cat With Wounds Rejected By Everyone, Seeks For Loving Home

This story speaks about a kitty who was found in a very bad situation in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico. OsRo, a pet store, shared the story on Facebook expressing that the cat was about to die when he was found.

The cat was left with severe wounds all over his body as he was hurt with hot water! He even had no food or water! People kept passing him by as he seems to have a skin disease but it was due to the hot water.

They shared on a post on Facebook that the kitten, whose fur was damaged with injuries on his face, and could not open his eyes, deserved a forever home. And they posted an image of the poor kitten.

Thankfully, the story went viral directly and many people raised the job of the pet store. However, no one came to adopt the kittem yet, but it is expected that he will find a forever home soon.

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