Dog Has Been Honored For Serving Aboard Ship For 700 Days Helping Blind People

Connie Marinussen knew that it wouldn’t be an easy thing when she married Cornelis, who has a black Labrador retriever called Jaska. Cornelis owns the Holland American Line cruise line, which means that he is usually busy. Being blind means that Connie needs 24/7 care.

That’s what Jaska does all the time. The dog, who’s spent more than 7 hundred nights on the sea since she met Connie, she takes care of her all the time. She even accompanies passengers after welcoming them when they came to take cruise tours on the Caribbean, the US, Canada, and Hawaii’s coasts.

The dog was rewarded with a medal for being the first service dog to spend more than 700 days on the sea. The whole Holland American Line crew appreciated what Jaska is doing. Actually, the medal is very great, not just a necklace! Well-deserved Jaska! How great!

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