Don’t read this story because it is too emotional

For 6 years, a dog named Capitan slept in the grave of his owner every night.
His owner, Miguel Guzman died in 2006 and Capitan disappeared shortly after the family attended the funeral services.
They searched everywhere and put out flyers to try and find him. But no one had seen him.
A week later, some people who were at the cemetery late one evening spotted Capitan laying on the grave and they contacted the grounds keeper at the cemetery.
The cemetery notified the family who promptly came to pick him up and take him home.
But each night he would cry and scratch frantically at the door to go out and he wouldn’t return home until morning.
It was later discovered that Capitan would walk the 3 miles back to the cemetery each night to guard his master’s grave.
It happened for 7 years.
The cemetery did not close the gates until he arrived each night promptly at 6 pm.
He slept there all night guarding the grave until the ground keeper opened the gate in the morning.
This is a true picture of Capitan here.
P.S : If there is ever true love in this universe


 this is it!!

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