Meet Gringo The Cat Who Melts Million Hearts With His Mustache

This story speaks about a one-year-old British Shorthair cat called Gringo who has a sophisticated mustache. What Gringo really needs to be a detective from the Victorian-era show is a tobacco pipe, eyeglasses, and a top hat.

The cat, who was famous on Instagram with a page with a 60k-follower-page before it was hacked, lives with his brother Milko, and his owners, Romain and Sabrine in France. However, his family created a new page on Instagram and they are willing to get Gringo where he really belongs with thousands of followers after sharing his cute photos.

Sabrine said in an interview that Gringo is a playful cat as he loves jumping in the plants, scratching the couch, and climbing on curtains.

She also added that he can stay in a position like meerkat, which is standing on his back paws, for couple of minutes which is very hilarious. Gringo, who was only three months old, when he was adopted by Romain and Sabrine, is having a great life with them and with his cat brother Milko as they do almost everything together. How adorable he is!

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