Puppy Couldn’t Stop Howling When He Joined Birthday Song Of His Human Friend

A family in Chile decided to surprise their son for his birthday after turning 6 by entering his bedroom and started singing to him. The boy was with his pup in his bed when the family entered the room. The boy was very surprised of what his family did, but it was the pup who stole the show!

The dog started singing with his family as he was very happy for his human brother, who did not even notice what his pup, Simba, was doing! But when the boy blew out the candle, the pup started howling unstoppably again!

The moment was caught on video by the boy’s mama, Karina Araya, who also shared it on TikTok. The video directly went viral getting more than 80k likes and more than 403k views with thousands of comments.

Many people commented on the video with great comments praising what the pup did. Actually, the best present for the boy was what his puppy did! How adorable! Watch the video below.

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@karinaandreaarayamora Simba cantando el cumpleaños!! que mejor interprete!!!@Danitza Oyarce ♬ sonido original – Karina Andrea Araya


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