30 dogs pulled from hoarding situation in Pueblo


PUEBLO, Colo. (KDVR) – Multiple dog rescue organizations across the state, along with Animal Law Enforcement in southern Colorado, worked Saturday to pull 30 dogs from a hoarding situation at a home in Pueblo.

“This is a smaller home. A two-bedroom with 40 dogs inside it,” Suzanne Morgan, Director of Cooper’s Companions Animal Rescue said.

Morgan’s rescue led the way in pulling 30 of the 40 dogs from the home. She said 10 of the dogs stayed with the owner on the property, and that some of the rescues are planning on going back to the home to spay and neuter the dogs that stayed with their owner.

“We’re going to make sure those dogs are spayed and neutered so we aren’t back there in six months with more dogs,” Morgan said.

She along with several volunteers from other rescues and Animal Law Enforcement with the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region Pueblo transported the dogs to a location down the road from the home.

“It was sad it was really sad. It was like something you would see out of those TV shows,” Morgan said “it was full of mold. They did an ammonia test and it came back not safe for anyone dogs or humans… it came back black.“

From there, they were given baths along with vaccines before being sent to foster homes across the state.

Morgan said the other rescues involved were MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, Saving Dobermankind Animal Rescue, CLAWA Rescue and No Kill Colorado.

“It was dirty, it’s what it would look like with 30-plus animals running around,” Natalie Galvin, one of the Board Members for CLAWA Rescue said.

CLAWA took several adult dogs and MaxFund took three nursing mother dogs along with their three litters of puppies according to Galvin.

“There were three momma dogs and they all stayed together and hovered around these babies,” Morgan said.

Galvin said on average to fully vet each dog it’s anywhere between $200 to $300. She said that includes a microchip, all vaccines and a spay/neuter. She said none of the dogs on the property of the hoarding situation were fixed.

“You have three litters in a year and now you have thirty dogs,” Galvin said.

No Kill Colorado, who donated all the first round of vaccines for the dogs, has also started a fundraiser to help pay for all the medical costs of the dogs pulled.

“Isn’t it nice these babies aren’t sleeping in mold tonight, isn’t it nice?” Morgan said.

HSPPR Animal Law Enforcement said they were called to assist Cooper’s Companions in transporting dogs from a home in Pueblo. HSPPR stated this is an ongoing investigation and it is possible the owner will face charges.

All of the dogs are currently in foster homes through each rescue. Morgan said they were all skinny, but very friendly dogs.

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