Abandoned Kittens Found Covered With Permanent Markers, Now Getting Their First Bath

The police called Bradford Cat Watch Rescue shelter in UK about 2 poor kittens who were found neglected in the worst way ever!

When the rescuers arrived they were more than shocked as what they saw was worst than anything they have ever experienced!

So, without hesitation, they took the kittens back to the shelter to treat them. The cats should be treated directly as they were covered in permanent markers.

The owner of the rescue shelter, Katie, said that the kittens would’ve passed away in a few hours if they hadn’t been saved! Thankfully, both cats, who were named Smurf and Shrek, were given their first bath, and they started to heal.

They will continue their treatment process till they are completely healthy, then they will be available to go to a forever home. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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