Amazon Delivery Driver Spots Trapped Dog In Burning Car And Saves His Life

Ervin Ruhe, a delivery driver in Amazon, came across a burning car while delivering packages in Merced. There was a man trying to open the car’s door on the side of the road and the driver saw the situation, so, he stopped for help.

The man’s wife and dog were trapped in the car, so, the man was able to free his wife, but the dog got trapped in the backseat. So, Ruhe did not waste any time and grabbed the emergency fire extinguisher he has in his van and started fighting the fire.

Ruhe managed to get the fire down enough to open the back door. The man was then able to get his dog. Then, the delivery driver called authorities to report the incident. The fire was then fully extinguish by the fire department and no injuries happened in the incident. Amazon thanked Ervin Ruhe for his brave actions, that helped save people in need. If he was not there in the exact time, the dog would have died. What a hero! Watch the video below.

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