Navy Finds Tiny Terrified Kittens Struggling To Survive By Clinging To Sinking Ship

An emergency call from a fishing boat near a Thai coast after it was caught on fire. The call was heard by a nearby boat, that directly went to help them to safety. Unfortunately, everyone on the ship died. While investigating the damaged fishing boat to see what exactly happened to it, members of Royal Thai Navy saw that there were some creatures alive on the boat, that was about to sink.

The navy sailors saw that there were 4 cats in desperate need of help. So, Tattaphon Sai, a a navy sailor, directly leapt into action. He jumped out of his boat to swim to get the cats back to safety. Thankfully, he was able to get all the cats, who clung to his back, to the safety.

Once they were on the boat, the crew gave them some water and food, and cuddled them. It was obvious that all the cats were very happy to be rescued as they showed some cute depictions of their newfound friendships. What a great effort from the Royal Thai Navy sailors!

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