Clever Dog & Cat Duo Teach Little Girl “Go To Bed” So They Can Tuck Her In

Penny is an adorable little girl who loves her pets, Raven and Woodhouse. The trio has been inseparable from the time Penny was a little infant, as the dog and cat watch over the child as if she was their own.

The most amazing part of the trio’s relationship is the tight bond they have formed, especially when it comes to daily routines. Raven the dog and Woodhouse, the cat, taught little Penny when it’s time to go to bed.

The popular pals have an Instagram account where their fans soak up their daily activities. When it’s naptime, the dog and cat help lead Penny to her crib so she can take a rest.

Once it’s time to wake up, the terrific trio is at it again by playing in the garden, nuzzling together on the bed, and even supervising the little girl when she has cookies and snacks. Their mom, 30-year-old Christina, says she is always ready to take cute photos of the dog, cat, and baby.

Penny loves sitting by her mom while preparing dinner, and Raven is always close by, waiting for handouts or droppings. Before Penny came along, the dog and cat fell in love with one another. Adding a precious little human to the mix was a natural progression for the family.

Woodhouse was immediately curious about the infant when she was tiny, and he closely guarded her. Raven noticed his feline friend and made sure to join in and help Penny grow up.

Sometimes Woodhouse will curl up in a plastic tote, and little Penny will stack all her plastic toys and blocks around the kitty. He doesn’t seem to mind, as he soaks up all the love and attention.

According to AACAP, a child who develops a good relationship with a pet can help develop non-verbal communication, empathy, and compassion. Watch these three sweethearts in the video below.

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