Man Had To Left His Dog At Shelter After His Wife’s Death, Comes Back After 18 Months For Her

A three-year-old dog called Ellie would do anything to be with her father as she loves him more than anything. But when her dad was forced to be out of his house, he took a decision that left him heartbroken by surrendering her to Canine Haven Rescue Inc shelter.

The dog thought that she would never meet her father again! But life had a different opinion.

The owner forced to surrender the dog as he had to move from the state after the death of his wife. He moved with his daughter, who refused to take the dog with them. So, he brought her to the shelter to make sure she would be in good hands.

She was taken to by a foster family and spend 18 months there with no adoption applications! The man continued to check on Ellie and even sent a jacket and toys for her. It was obvious that the previous owner was not happy and you could know that from his voice, according to Cara Seiler of Canine Haven Rescue Inc.

But when he moved to live with his sister, who is an animal lover, he contacted the shelter to see if they could give him Ellie back. And that’s what happened! A reunion was arranged, and finally they reunited again after a year and a half! The reunion was very emotional! Watch the video below.

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