Missing Dog Gets Reunited With Owners After Surviving 7 Days On Steep Cliff

A mastiff-retriever dog called Luna went missing for an entire week after chasing an animal outside her family’s backyard in Victoria, British Columbia. But unfortunately, the dog fell into a ledge that its wide only 2 feet. She stayed there for 7 days until she was found.

The dog’s owner, Saryta Schaerer, and some of the locals had been searching for the dog very hardly, till a neighbor found her after hearing her cries. After hearing cries across the water, the man took his boat to see the source of the sound.

Cheeke, the man, also used a pan and pot to bang on them as Luna always barked back after hearing the sound. He sent the sound of the dog to a rescue group, that directly came for help.

Thankfully, they managed to save the dog. Cheeke said that he was very happy that he was able to help save Luna as he lost his dog last year. The reunion was very emotional! Watch the video below.

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