Park Rangers Rescues Six Baby Elephants Found Trapped In A Mud Puddle

It is better for humans not to deal with wild animals as they usually get hurt. But sometimes, wild animals need our help just like the 6 elephants that got stuck in a mud pit in Thap Lan National Park, Thailand, after being separated from the parents.

A group of park rangers saw them and decided to help them. The adult animals were able to pass the mud pit, but their young elephants got stuck. Seeing how helpless the young elephants were, the park rangers decided to interfere to save them.

At first, it was very hard to save the animals as they did not have the equipment for that, so, one ranger kept observing the elephants while the others went to get what they needed to save the elephants.

The next morning, the park rangers were able to dug a ramp to help the young animals climb out of the mud. Thankfully, it worked, and all of the elephants were fine and rejoined their families. Thanks to the brave rangers who rescued the elephants.

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