Muskegon Heights firefighters rescue dog who was trapped on ice

After earning the dog’s trust with treats and pets, Lt. John Kriger with the Muskegon Heights Fire Department was able to carry the dog to safety.


MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. — A dog is safe after a treacherous fall onto an iced-over filtration pond, thanks to Muskegon Heights firefighters.

The dog fell in the area at a wastewater treatment facility on Tuesday. While most of the area was iced over, there were several feet of open water surrounding the ice. The water was estimated to be eight to 12 feet deep.

Pound Buddies, an animal shelter in Muskegon, posted on Facebook that they received multiple calls about the dog being trapped. Firefighters with the Muskegon Heights Fire Department were called in, and the rescue was captured on video.


The firefighters lowered a ladder into the water and began to earn the dog’s trust with treats and pets. Eventually, the dog got close enough for Lt. John Kriger to pick it up and carry it up the ladder in one arm.

Credit: Muskegon Heights Fire Department

Pound Buddies then evaluated the dog, who had a collar on.

“Once again, words don’t seem adequate for expressing the gratitude we have for these amazing firefighters and the Muskegon Heights Fire Department,” reads a Facebook post by Pound Buddies.

This rescue comes just days after Muskegon firefighters rescued five puppies who were trapped inside a burning home. The puppies made full recoveries thanks to their rescuers and are now looking for their forever homes.

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