Neglected Dog For Years At Shelter Shows Amazing Transformation When She Feels Love

This story speaks about a Shar-Pei dog called Violet, who lived as a stray for a long time. She knows nothing about love, and all she wanted was to fend for herself as much as she could. Fortunately, everything changed when Whitney Cummings found her. Whitney directly fell in love with the dog and decided to help her.

After taking the ok from her family to get the dog home, she took her to a veterinary clinic, where they found that the dog, who should be weighing 40-60 pounds, weighted only less than 20 pounds! It was obvious that she was badly malnourished, so, Whitney knew that she had to help the dog. Being neglected and deprived for many years, made the dog suspicious of everyone around her including Whitney and her family.

But the affection and attention they gave to the dog, changed her opinion about people. Violet was even hesitant to eat the first meal she had in her new house as she was not used for these things, but once she had a munch on it, she directly liked it and ate it very fast. Violet was also hesitant to sleep in a fluffy, soft bed as she has had never been comfortable like this.

But she finally went to the bed for the first time and it was a very emotional moment. The dog started trusting Whitney and her family slowly, and when she was completely sure that they would never hurt her, she started snuggling, cuddling, and hugging them.

Violet is now a completely different dog as she became happy and healthy. This story shows that love can make a big different in anyone’s life. What a transformation! Watch the video below.

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