Woman Finds 6 Puppies Abandoned Like Trash In The Woods Gives Them A New Life

Rescued dogs don’t trust people who rescue them directly as they have been bullied, ignored, or even passed by from humans. However, when they realize that they just want to help them, their real personality starts to appear.

A woman from Houston came across 2 dogs, that were abandoned near the garbage. Seeing that the dogs needed an immediate help, she directly called a local rescue center called Houston Dog Outreach Guardians for help.

They went to the scene directly to help the dogs, but when they arrived, they were shocked after finding a family of 6 dogs. So, they wasted no time and did their best to rescue the dogs. It was somehow an easy mission to catch 3 of the dogs as they were almost exhausted and unable to flee.

However, the other 3 dogs were finally rescued after 2 days. So, they took them to the shelter to reunite with their family and to be checked. They were generally healthy with no big issue.

The dogs were all named, but the names that are unknown is Naomi, the 2-year-old mama dog, Abigail, a 2-month-old pup, and Thomas, the dad dog. However, all the dogs were fostered but 2 8-month-old pups will stay at the shelter as they were still skittish and shy. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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