Woman’s Heart Broke When She Spot Someone Sleeping In Her Flowerbed

Karen, a woman who lives in Malvern, Pennsylvania, was surprised on a blustery day to find a dog sleeping in her flowerbed in her backyard! As the dog was freezing cold, dirty and wet, the woman got it a bowl of chicken soup and a blanket.

She then contacted Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery for help. Nicole Asher, a rescuer from the rescue group, was pleased that the woman acted calmly and quickly.

Karen was assured by Asher that the dog should be given food continuously but slowly. Asher also told Karen not to run after the dog till she arrived. When Asher arrived, she was easily able to get the dog in a kennel trap as she only wanted to be safe.

After checking the dog’s microchip, Asher found that she had been living in a foster home under the care of MatchDog Rescue, but she escaped the home for almost 15 days! So, Asher called the number of her fosterers, who were very happy to get their dog, Ella, back. What a happy ending!

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