Fisherman Filmed While Helping Stingray To Give Birth

After catching a stingray in a fishing trip in Florida, Calvin Conger, an eighteen-year-old fisherman, intended to use it as shark bait after chopping it.

Before starting to chop it, the man noticed a tiny tail from her back, after having a closer look, he knew that the mama was during labor when he caught her, so he decided her to give birth instead of chopping it.

Valerie, Calvin’s mama starting recording the bizarre incident, and Terry, his father stepped in to help the stingray by pushing down on her belly. Calvin said that after helping the mother ray gave birth to 2 new pups, his family decided to let them all go back into the sea instead of using them as bait.

He added that this is something that he can write it on his CV. There is no doubt that this is a very rare incident that happens one in 100 million times. In the end we are happy that the family was put back to live in the sea. Watch the video below.

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