Family Dog Builds Heartwarming Friendship With A Homeless Man

A dog owner called Colzouti said that people can learn some things from their dogs like what happened with him. The man shared a story on TikTok of Sora, his dog, trying to check on a homeless man, who lived near a store in Paris, France.

You can see in the video below Colzouti and Sora having a walk together when they saw a man outside a store. That’s when the dog started running directly towards the homeless man to let him feel that ‘everything is going to be alright’.

What Sora had done let the man be happy as he had never expected to have such a great time like this in his life. The man even gave the dog and her owner a smile back! The owner said that what his dog did taught him a great lesson of loving neighbors.

The great thing was that Colzouti and Sora visits the man, Bruno, whenever they go to the store. They created a great relationship with the man, and always tries to make sure he is doing good. How great! Watch the video below.

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