“Madame Eyebrows” Is The Dog Who Always Looks Like She’s Not In The Mood

Those eyebrows are just too much. Somebody make a calendar of this girl already.

Dogs frequently appear to be having the time of their lives. Many dogs appear to be continually in a good mood, whether they are on a stroll, smelling something new, or simply spending time with their favorite humans.

However, not all canines appear to be enjoying the time of their lives.

Grumpy Cat, the viral sensation featuring grumpy-looking pets, is well-known to fans of grumpy-looking pets. Madam Eyebrows, the dog who always appears to be in a bad mood, could be the canine equivalent.
An English Bulldog with a unique personality.

Madam Eyebrows is a German-born English Bulldog. She has black markings right over her eyes that resemble brows positioned in a frowning position.

As a result, Madam Eyebrows has a “resting bad mood face,” which has helped her become a bit of an internet star in her own right. Grumpy Cat, beware!

Janina, Madam Eyebrow’s owner, said that they named the bulldog for the marks above her eyes. Janina told The Dodo, “She usually looked melancholy and had brows.”

Madam Eyebrows may not be in a terrible mood, but she certainly appears to be!

Madam Eyebrows is truly very nice and cheerful!

Madam Eyebrows’ owners claim that she is a very sociable, courteous, and cheerful dog. She is vivacious and kind to others. It’s just that she doesn’t look like she is, which can be amusing.

This depressed-looking canine’s Instagram account has 130K followers who enjoy following her escapades.

Her owners also like to dress her up in small flowery clothes that contrast sharply with Madam’s facial emotions. Janina continued, “She is really delighted.” “She wiggles her tail and kisses.”

When you play with Madam Eyebrows, she reveals her true self.

However, when individuals play with Madam Eyebrows, the true Madam Eyebrows emerges. After a while, it’s difficult to see the sad-looking face, and all you can see is that she’s a very happy little lady.

“In real life, you simply need to visit her for a few minutes to see that she is happy,” Janina explained. She mentioned that her husband agreed with her. “We don’t only see her sorrowful face. We can see how amusing she is! And how much she cares for us.”

People can’t get enough of this sad-looking dog. A video showcasing her has nearly 600,000 views on YouTube. Many viewers of the film were prompted to offer their own message.

“This is an expression that always says, ‘I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed,’” one viewer wrote.

“Absolutely stunning! That, along with her lovely eyes, makes her too cute.”

“OMG – this is one of the prettiest puppies I’ve ever seen!!! And, as a trainer, I’ve seen a lot of pretty girls.”

More of Madam Eyebrows may be seen in the video below!

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