Orphaned Puppy Would Prefer To Stay Homeless Rather Than Being Touched By Humans

Due to a natural disaster, a small pup had lost his mama. He was in desperate need of his mama to the point that he did not let anyone touch him! Fortunately, kind people called rescuers, who directly came for help. Thankfully, a rescuer was able to calm the pup down, then picked him up.

The pup was very thirsty and exhausted, so, he was given water and a safe spot to rest. He was them taken to the shelter. At the shelter, he was a little bit scared, but once he knew that he was in good hands, he came out of his shell and started eating.

He was then given toys for the first time in his life. His favorite toy was a ball! He just did not leave. He is now having a good time in the shelter waiting to have the forever home he deserves. Watch the video below.

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