Stray Dog Living Under A Vehicle Waited Several Weeks Until Somebody Finds Him

A stray dog was found in a residential neighborhood Missouri growling under a vehicle by Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Donna Lochmann, a rescuer, has a great experience in dealing with dogs, and she directly knew that the dog was just scared and trying to protect itself.

The puppy gobbled up the Vienna sausages Lochmann threw to it under the van s it was starved. The rescuer knew that she could lure the dog out by throwing more snacks, and that worked. The dog, who had terrible sores covering his hips, came out directly wagging his tail.

She then took the puppy, who was very underweight, to the vet to be examined. To gain a healthy weight, he was put on a re-feeding plan.

Thankfully, the dog, who was named Avalanche, was quickly fostered. He is doing great and will be available for adoption soon. Watch the video below.

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