Shelter Puppy Keeps Asking Passing By People To Play Games Through Kennel Bars

This story speaks about Barbie, a friendly puppy, who was desperate to get people’s attention to be noticed in hopes that she would be adopted from the Animal Care Center in Brooklyn, New York. However, the puppy was smart enough to let everyone passes by her to stop at her kennel’s door.

People would often stop when they saw her paws stretched through the bars to play games with her. Manisha Shah, a volunteer at Animal Care Center, said that Barbie’s pleading face and outstretched paws directly struck her. So, she stopped to give her some love.

Shah said that Barbie was surrendered to the shelter by her previous owners, and she missed them very bad. So, she used this way to interact with people in hopes she would find a forever home. The shelter shared a video of the dog on Instagram and many people commented on it claiming how cute and smart the dog is.

Thankfully, the video went viral and one of the followers fell in love with the dog directly and went to adopt her. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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