Small Puppy Was Thrown, Wasn’t Able To Cary, Found Searching For Mother’s Milk in Vain

Understanding people that dump their own pets is completely impossible! How can anyone be so merciless to abandon a creature that lives with them for a long time?! Unfortunately, that’s what happened with Nala, who was abandoned with nothing to eat or drink!

The small pup knew nothing about life, she just wanted to have her mama’s milk, but there was no mama around!

Thankfully, Nala was found by Lesya Paladich, a woman from Ukraine, who took her to give her a bath, water and food.

Nala’s calcium deficient, which made her legs so weak. In just five days, Nala started to show signs of improvement! She is so friendly with people she meets, and even falls in love with them. She really loves the small kittens as she just wants to play with them all the time.

Thankfully, Nala was completely healthy after half of month! The good news was that she is going to a forever home soon. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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