Male swan takes babies under his wing after the death of their mother

Male Swan Found Carrying His Babies Under His Wing After The Death Of Their Mother

It is known that mother swans take their babies under their wings, but in this story it was the father who took the babies under his wings! The father swan, who lives in Esplanade, sat at the nest after the mama died.

Matthew Raifman said that one day he noticed the father swan going into the Storrow Lagoon, and when he got close, there were all the baby cygnets under the father’s swan! It was a great thing, so, he directly took a photo of it!

He shared the photo online, and it directly went viral as it was very rare to see a father swan having his babies under his wings! Many people commented on the photo expressing that this is one of the best photos they have ever seen. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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