Video Of Heartbroken Dog Sitting In The Rain Helps Her Reunite With Family After 8 Months

A dog sitting outside a shop in Malaysia in the pouring rain caught the attention of passers-by because she looked so sad and forlorn.

TikTokker JimJimmie noticed the dog crouched over looking heartbroken and filmed her. He asked the shop’s owner about the dog and was told the dog had been sitting outside for four days in a row.

The dog scans the street in front of her like she’s on the lookout for someone.


@jimjimmie Replying to @ciktarusma Kesetiaan yg tiada penghujung. kesian dia???? #anjingjalanan ♬ Kiss the Rain – Elise Bechstein

JimJimmie talks to the dog and provides her some food: “Come here, dog… Come eat. Even if you don’t want to eat, please stand under the shade here.” JimJimmie tries to coax her over. An animal lover, JimJimmie regularly feeds strays he meets on the streets.



@jimjimmie #anjingjalanan ♬ Lagu Sedih – Muhammad abdul jafar

His videos of this dog went viral and soon came to the attention of a woman named Vaani. Vaani contacted JimJimmie right away to tell him the dog is hers and is named Bairava.

It turns out Bairava had been missing for eight months after becoming separated from his family while Vaani was recovering from an illness. According to Vaani, the dog was in the care of a friend who forgot to close the gate properly. It was a holiday that day and there were firecrackers and Bairava got scared and ran away. Vaani had rescued Bairava when she was a stray puppy five years ago.

Vaani told the Malaysian news site SAYS that she and her family searched for Bairava for a month but could not find her.



“I walked around the neighborhood while calling her name for a month. But I never saw her,” she told SAYS. When Vaani and her family were reunited with Bairava they broke down in tears. She said, “I went there and called her name… we were all crying and hugging (our dog).”


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