Woman Saves Abandoned Dog Running On Street And Helps Him Find New Home

A video of a woman rescuing a pup, who was spotted running behind a vehicle, that seemed to dump, went viral on TikTok directly. Daniela Castelini, the woman, was driving her vehicle to go to work, when she noticed the dog trying to reach its devilish owner’s car.

So, she picked up her phone and recorded the moment to let people see what happens to dogs after being abandoned! The woman just did not bear leaving the dog behind and chased it for more than 5km to rescue it.

The woman described in the video that the dog is now with her, and she is looking for a forever home for him. The video got more than 110k likes, 700k views, and thousands of comments with people praising the great behavior of the woman. How great! Watch the video below.

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@danini_love Esto me rompe el corazon. Hoy camino a mi trabajo, vivi esta triste escena. Este perrito corria en medio de la calle detras de un auto que lo dejo tirado. Fue demasiada la impotencia! Asi que pare a ayudarlo. Ahora busco familia para el. Favor compartan para buscarle un hogar. #rescateanimal #perro #sos #doglover #buscahogardefinitivo #dog #adopta #adoptanocompres #ayudaanimalesabandonados #adoptame ♬ sonido original – Daniela Nini Castellini


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