Little Boy With Flu Refused Any One To Comfort Him Except His Rescue Dog

In 2015, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC rescued a pit bull called Riddick who was shortly adopted by a young couple who also has another dog.

After one year, the family got a baby called Dawson, which meant that they now have a boy and 2 dogs, Cambria and Riddick. What surprised Bryan Junior and his wife was the reaction of Cambria and Riddick when they saw the baby for the first time. Bryan Junior said that their 2 dogs are like Paw Patrol as they are very protective and cared about their baby, Dawson.

They just do not want the baby to cry and come running to check on him every time he does. They also run in when he is awake. They even set to listen to the bed time story with him waiting for the baby to fall asleep.

On day, Dawson got the flu and he just wanted Riddick to comfort him. His parents did their best to comfort him but he just wanted Riddick! Riddick never left his side while he was sick, he even slept with him on the same bed as Dawson only allowed the pit bull to sit with him. It is the real meaning of pure love. How adorable!

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